12th August 2020

JK and Joe are recommencing their wellness lunch and learn seminars with several clients in the Spring of 2020 and discuss the order of the sessions, new additions and changes they plan to make for the upcoming presentations. The lads scratch the surface on personalised health and the ph360 program too!

29th July 2020

The lads discussion this week centres around reading and listening in general. Podcasts, Audiobooks and more. Plus a little insight in to the new coaching certification JK is enrolled in to tailor support for corporates.

22nd July 2020

After listening to an awesome Tim Ferriss Show podcast with the legend Hugh Jackman JK and Joe chat about making things intentionally challenging (again), morning routines and just what a stand up guy Hugh really is. 

10th June 2020

What do you do that makes you happy? Add positives or remove negatives? Do you intentionally make things hard for yourself to make yourself more resilient?

3rd June 2020

The lads listened to an episode of the Ben Greenfield podcast about corporate health and wearables. JK and Joe dissect the podcast and put their own two cents in on the subject too. 

15th April 2020

JK and Joe discuss the opportunities which have presented themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic...including being barefoot more often than not!