Early bird or night owl

I've had two conversations in the past 48 hours that got me thinking about individuals and their preferences to waking early or staying up late...

It started with conversation one; me talking to a client about the longest I've spent in bed in close to 3 years. I woke up at 7.50am Sunday morning (granted having been woken up at 1.30am by a sick 2 year old), but this just threw my whole day out of whack. I'm so used to being up by 5.30am (at the latest!) that I felt bad momentarily that I'd lost 10-15% of my day, even though it's a Sunday and I didn't ultimately have much planned anyway!

The conversation then turned to the client and how they tend to wake particularly early too, but her brother... Over the same weekend I was feeling lost for being in bed until 7.50am, her brother hadn't gotten out of bed until close to midday!

Conversation two; a discussion with a client about getting their wife trying the same online morning stretching session. The husband, a regular early raiser, the wife's bedtime...some time around 2am, so a mid morning stretch session, wouldn't really suit! A slight sidetrack- Winston Churchill did say the key to a happy marriage is not seeing your spouse before noon.

Chronobiology is a fascinating area of science - the synchronisation of bodily functions to time of day. There are certain times in the day our unique body will perform optimally, which stem from our circadian rhythm and the suprachiasmatic nucleus in our brain.

A lot of research has shown how shift workers are more likely to develop chronic disease, and this comes from the desynchrony of our bodily functions away from when they would prefer to be operating - this all stems from our Chronobiology.

The challenge comes from knowing and listening to your own body, are you doing things at certain times because of societies expectations or because you know what your body actually needs? Exercising, eating, your hours of work, socialising, being creative. Get things synchronised to you and see how your energy levels are! Find out how you are synchronised, using our Personalised Health platform ph360.

Also, check out a really cool TEDx talk:

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