Fail to prepare, prepare to fail?

I'm in favour of "meal prepping" and have been for a long time

When you think of "meal prep" do you think of the lots of little storage contains and eating the same meal day after day? Tiny portions of measured out nuts and seeds, chopped chicken and salads done all in pursuit of eating healthier and clean? That certainly doesn't have to be the case.

My reason for meal prepping is totally different, it isn’t about restricting my portion sizes, or counting/controlling calories. I tend to prepare 2 or 3 days in advance, so that I don't have to dedicate a huge amount of time to the process and it also helps to keep plenty of variety to what I'm eating. I find it’s an opportunity to get organised for a few days ahead and ultimately have more time for the things in my life I actually enjoy doing.

Perhaps surprisingly , I find the process behind prepping and cooking very meditative and relaxing, the repetition of chopping, the creativity of mixing flavours etc.

It's something I can involve my family in; getting my little girl excited about making meals using fresh food, not prepackaged alternatives. To double-down on the pros here as well I get to spend more time with her! Equally importantly I believe it can be a very good way to avoid food wastage and instill that into our family values too.

I also see it’s a great way to budget too, buying breakfast and or lunch out every day you are in the office can get very expensive. My meal prepping journey started as a student and was something I did to ensure that I could spend more on nights out, rather than anything particularly health conscious! It was of way of making sure I had enough money to do the real important thing...socialising.

There are obviously considerations to make to see whether it suits your lifestyle; do you actually have food storage containers? Do you have space in the fridge, pantry, is there somewhere you can store things at work etc.

It will be a process to hone and individualise for you, so start small, as with any new habit you are trying to incorporate.

Until next time!


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