Starting from the ground up

Your feet and toes contain thousands of nerve endings, 7000 in fact. They are the source of keeping us "grounded" and connected to the earth, the importance of our feet really is something we overlook...until now maybe?

Not convinced?

Each foot also consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles - sounds like they could warrant a little more of our attention now don't they?

With us all spending a little more time at home, there's perhaps the option to spend more time than ever barefoot. Creating this freedom for our feet which they are unaccustomed to, now is your time to let them live outside of their "foot coffins".

We can release our feet in a number of different ways and the benefits on doing so are pretty significant. Increased blood and lymphatic flow to the feet help remove toxins and inflammations and promote repair. Increased stimulation of the tissue also travels "upstream" meaning the rest of the body can move better. Foot massage/release also sets your body and brain into a more parasympathetic state, meaning less stress, fight/flight hormones are at work during a time we are all already stress enough.

So check out what's below and see how you feel after giving your feet some TLC.


Have a golf ball, tennis ball or other release tool to hand when you are next on a video conference with your colleagues and clients.

Use the routine of logging in to the VC software to trigger you to give yourself some foot love!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. "Forward fold" to reach down towards your toes

  2. Put the ball onto the floor

  3. Roll it around under your right foot; toes, arch, heel - with just a light bit of pressure

  4. Repeat on your left foot

  5. Repeat your forward fold and feel the difference!

This is a great introduction into what to look for when it comes to selecting shoes and being barefoot from a leader in the health and fitness education field, Kelly Starrett:

Until next time


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