Music you can move to

The day to day battle being fought at VAULT - what music to play....

Different music does different things to humans; it triggers emotions, stabilises mood and can heighten arousal.

From an exercise perspective music has been studied as an ergogenic aid, also know as a "performance enhancer" (Terry et al. 2020). Studies have shown that music helps to reduce the rate of perceived exertion (RPE), delay the onset of fatigue and increase power and strength (Thakare et al., 2017). Most importantly music can increase exercise enjoyment and why would you ultimately be doing something if you aren't enjoying it? (maybe this is a question for another time though).

I've played around with this in recent weeks when doing my own bouts of moving. In every day life I generally prefer to listen to slower tempo music but have tended to sway towards higher tempo music when exercising, to get me feeling motivated. So I've put myself through a little bit of examination when doing different forms of planned moving/exercise.

I wanted to compare listening to my go to "Workout Playlists" of faster paced music, when running, cycling and doing a loaded movement session with listening to my more favoured slower tempo "Chilled Playlists". I've also tested different podcasts and not having anything to listen to other that the sounds of the gym and the great outdoors across a few sessions too.

What I observed was that listening to a podcast and having no music on didn't significantly reduce the intensity and RPE of my sessions. However, having slower tempo music on (my preferred genre/tempo) did make me tire quicker, feel less motivated and my overall "performance" felt like it was reduced. All purely anecdotal on my part, but why not have a go for yourself and see if you make any surprising discoveries.

At VAULT we'll try and put as much variety into the music we have playing on the gym floor and in our classes and possible, it's tough to please everyone as we all have different tastes. You'll likely be able to tell when Toddy has chosen a playlist, or if one of the team has just hit the "Hot Hits" playlist of Spotify and you aren't likely to hear the same song playing in a Yoga Shavasana and a Spin class.

Music moves all of us in different way, and the more variety we get with our movement the better a response we get from our bodies, perhaps the same would go with music/ audio too?

Until next time.


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