Sit or stand? It's sedentary either way!

Sitting is the new smoking, who hasn't heard that over the last 5-10 years?

On the odd occasion I'm behind a computer screen the likelihood is I won't be sitting or standing in one position for too long. If you walk past the office I work out of at VAULT you'd often see me in some odd half kneeling position (not looking very busy either!) with no chair to be seen. I'm the same at home too; I'll rarely just sit on the couch and get into a position I know I'll be in for the length of a movie or a Netflix binge. I'm not saying that what I do is normal (far from it my wife would tell you) but perhaps next time you have the option of sitting or standing for a period of time, consider a few things.

Yes, sometimes sitting really is unavoidable (driving to work or flying) and I very much understand that. I aren't suggesting that we spend an entire 8 hour day at a standing desk or kneeling as you still need to get your work done. In fact, cognitively demanding tasks are shown to be negatively impacted by the physical demands of working at a standing desk (Kahneman 2012). However, in some instances you DO have the option; you don't have to sit in the waiting room at the dentists or doctors just because everyone else is or you've been told "you can take a seat "X" will be with you soon" that's not to be rude or ignorant, it's for the good of your body! You could have a walking meeting with your colleagues instead of sitting at the coffee shop. From another work perspective, you could set a reminder to opt to have a few moments every hour where you insert a little bit of moving in to your day.

If you have tried sitting on the ground or kneeling for a prolonged period you'll have likely found it's really not comfortable and in that discomfort lies the promotes movement! You'll quickly find yourself orienting your body in different ways to find your next most "comfortable" position, which will be comfortable for all of a couple of minutes. Embrace the discomfort, sit cross legged on the floor, kneel or stand - even it's just for a few moments.

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