Smoko to move or breathe more?

If three 10 minute breaks a day are acceptable for smoking a cigarette or grabbing your next cup of coffee, surely this sets a standard for adding more movement into an 8 hour work day?

I've really enjoyed running "Morning Tea Mobility" classes over the past 6 months; a 10 minute follow along stretch and mobility session, easy to do at home or in the office.

Yesterday, during a conversation with one of the Morning Tea Mobility participants, they referred to the stretch session as their version of a Smoko - which I really liked!

Smoking then also strangely came up again in discussion during a meeting and this got me thinking! Is more acceptable for people to take several breaks throughout their working day to smoke, than it is for them to move their body?! It seems crazy to me that it would be frowned upon for an employee to step away from their desk for a short period to stretch, but be OK to have a cigarette?

If that is the case, is it down to the culture or hierarchy within an organisation? Do the bosses and decision makers smoke and does that mean it is more engrained in how the business operates and is it considered acceptable? If the chiefs really enjoyed Yoga would that transfer into the workplace culture as easily...I'm not sure it would. When I think of smoking and the workplace I feel as though it has formed part of the way business transactions have occurred throughout the decades...I think of the Mad Men style 1950's and 60's business meetings with boardrooms full of smoke. Is that outdated and in need of a change?? Would we evert see a shift from the smoking/coffee Smoko's to be replaced with movement, stretching, breathing?!

I'm pushing for this shift and thrilled that not only is my Morning Tea Mobility class continuing even now that the majority of our members are back working from the office, but also that one of our companies has recognised the importance of adding just 10 minutes of morning stretching into the culture of the office be introducing a Monday morning stretch session to kick off the week for the entire workplace.

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