Your dysfunctional relationship with stress

To Stress or Not To Stress - that is the question.

Any intrinsic or extrinsic stimulus that evokes a biological response is known as "stress". Stress is individualised and interpreted differently by every single one of us, but one thing that we know is that too much "chronic" stress is not good for our health, whereas "acute" stress is.

Are you finding you are in a chronic state of stress because your work environment is untidy, has no natural light or an air conditioning unit blowing down the back of your neck for 40 hours a week? Or, does your job itself mean you have to be very sedentary, driving from location to location, not interacting with others when all you want to be doing is moving, burning off your energy and being social.

Chronic stress is known to have suppressing effects on the immune system, the gut and cognition and it is these negative implications that tend to get most of our attention

Acute stress, such as a bout of exercise or a cold shower, is the kind of stress the body is searching for. When it comes to exercise this brings about a response known as "super-compensation". It is through this adaptive mechanism that the body not only recovers and repairs but learns how to better deal with the same stress when exposure is repeated.

So if you can find the sources of "Good" and "Bad" stress in your life then embrace it or find the strategies to letting it go.

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